It’s been tough keeping it under wraps, but as people across Scotland were preparing their individual light actions, we were also brewing a big one of our own…

Our wee film makes it clear: one part of the solution to the climate crisis is already here. Bikes – and the people who ride them – are perfect weapons in the fight against climate change.

Projection onto Scottish Parliament building
Projection on Parliament. Photo courtesy of Andy Catlin.

We can’t make the message any bigger than that. But YOU can make it louder. In just over two weeks, we go to the polls. Please share this film and our message with every one of your candidates and ask them to support us in making Scotland a country where we can fight climate change in the best way possible: on our bikes.

Find out who your candidates are, where they stand on active travel for everyone, and how to get in touch with them through the Walk, Wheel, Cycle, Vote candidate finder

Projection onto Arthur's seat
Photo courtesy of Andy Catlin


Projecting on Parliament