A few weeks ago we suggested that if you – or your MSP – couldn’t make it to POP this year, then you could still take POP to the politicians.

Dumfries politicians
Dumfries politicians at an earlier event

We’re delighted that at least two places – at more or less opposite ends of the country – have decided to do just that. In Dumfries, Cycling Dumfries has organised a ‘Pedal on Council’ event this Friday, challenging councillors, MSPs and parliamentary candidates to join them for a bike ride to explore some of the problems cyclists encounter every day in the town.

And in Aberdeen, the Aberdeen Cycle Forum – recognising that Edinburgh is a long way away for most people to manage – are holding a mini-Pop of their own, on April the 25th. Details are still to be finalised but it will start at 12 noon (the same time as the main POP) at Hazlehead Park.

We’ve long recognised that POP – by its nature – is a bit focused on Edinburgh (it’s a bit difficult to pedal on Parliament anywhere else) but that the problems for cyclists are nation wide – so we’re thrilled to see POP spreading. If you would like to set up your own local POP – or are already planning to do so – then please let us know! It doesn’t have to be a huge event, it can be as small as a quiet ride with your local councillors or other politicians.

Of course, sometimes something as simple as an email can be just as effective at letting our politicians know what is important to you and your family. Send them a link to our Katie video, or our manifesto, and explain what it would take to make your town, city or village cycle-friendly enough so that it’s not just Katie who can cycle to school.

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