As we posted last week, we’re ringing the changes for 2019 and taking Pedal on Parliament Scotland wide – with  many smaller actions right across the country that will add up to a larger whole. We’re kicking the process off with a series of casual meetups with local groups and interested cyclists to find out which of our towns and cities want to take part. We’ve already got something planned for Dundee (on Monday 5th November) and our next stop will be in Stirling.

Stirling road crossing

So if you live, work, or generally cycle (or walk!) in the Stirling area and want to make it better, why not come along to the Curly Coo on Friday 9th November at 7pm to meet up with a couple of Pedal on Parliament organisers, as well as local cyclists and campaigners, and find out more?

Stirling sheep

And if you’re not local to Stirling but want to plan something in your own area – drop us a line and let us know!

PoP goes local: Next stop Stirling – 9th November