Some folk have all the luck, and today one of the core POP organisers is having more than his fair share. David Brennan is off to Amsterdam courtesy of BBC Scotland. However it’s not all play as the trip has a serious purpose.

Dave Brennan
It’s safe to say David will be dressing very differently for this trip!

David, who is a self confessed MAMIL, is fairly content cycling on Glasgow’s roads and mixing with traffic. However, since having kids he’s realised that not everyone would or should have to cycle in the way he does or in the conditions he does. Cycling should be as easy as, well, riding a bike. As a result of his personal ‘Helmet Camera’ campaigning, he was invited to take part in the much discussed ‘War on Britains Roads’ documentary. The documentary itself was disappointing in its approach, especially as it completely failed to mention any real solutions to the problems it highlighted. However, following the airing of the documentary David was approached by BBC Scotland who were interested in investigating the solutions.

So David, who has no experience of cycling in another country (he has cycled in England though, does that count?) and little experience of cycling wearing anything but Lycra will be visiting Amsterdam and discovering another way. He’ll be tweeting and blogging what he finds, and BBC Scotland will be airing his experiences some time early in February.

Man cycling with umbrella
Could this be how David will commute on his return?

Watch this space, and follow us (@POPScotland) and David (@magnatom) to see how he gets on.


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