Lynne and Ian McNicoll
Lynne and Ian McNicoll at the first Pedal on Parliament

Even if you’re not a cyclist (or not yet) PoP supporter Lynne McNicoll explains why we need you!

Think PoP is just for cyclists? Then think again!
Pedal on Parliament is about cycling, yes – it’s about making Scotland a safer place to cycle. A safer place for anyone to cycle, no matter their age or ability. Ideally a country with the right infrastructure too.
Ian and I would always have supported the Pedal on Parliament principals but were given the worst reason to support the PoP team when my stepson Andrew was killed on 5th January 2012. That morning he set off to cycle to work near the city centre from his home in  Balerno as he had done hundreds of times. Sadly he got no further than the Lanark Road. With a court case looming I can’t talk any more about the incident but I can tell you how much Ian and I want to see change.
It’s why we set up the Andrew Cyclist Charitable Trust
Thanks to the hard work of people like Jim Eadie, Alison Johnstone, Jim Orr there have been improvements in past two years.
We need to keep the pressure on and Pedal on Parliament is a superb way of doing that.
We want to increase numbers attending this year. I know from friends and acquaintances how many more people would cycle if it was safer. These are people my age (my fifties since you ask) , younger friends with families, students,  I’m going to ask them to join me as I walk the Pedal on Parliament. Yes, you read that right I’m walking it.
I had an accident in early January, broke my wrist.  I got the cast off on Friday but it will be months before it is fully functioning again so cycling is off the agenda for the time being.
So, I’m looking for a nice big group of folk to walk with me! Folk like me and my pals who would cycle if it was safer.
I mentioned my intention on twitter and within a few moments I had three people joining me. Now, that was good but I really need  a bigger group than that.
So, when you read about Pedal on Parliament and think it’s not for you because you don’t cycle – remember me and think again
If you’re on twitter follow me on @andrewcyclist
Lynne McNicoll
Co-Founder, The Andrew Cyclist Charitable Trust
If you are planning to join Lynne on foot, meet her at the start of the ride, at the foot of Middle Meadow Walk. Bring something like a flag or a banner or sign to show you’re part of it
Pedestrian on Parliament…