Wow! We’ve had a great response to our launch in just a few short days, via twitter, facebook and email. We’ve already got riders planning on joining us from Glasgow, Dumfries and Dundee – and pledges of support, political and otherwise, rolling in from across Scotland. We’re still scrambling to catch up but watch this space for ways in which you can pledge your support, get your politicians to sign up or get involved. For now, we’re asking anyone who’s planning on coming to let us know so we can see what sort of numbers we’re talking about. If you’re on Facebook, you can sign up here (and invite your friends). If you don’t do Facebook, you could tweet us at POPScotland saying where you’re coming from. And if you don’t tweet you can email us – hello {at} – to let us know.

Meanwhile, keep on spreading the news – this thing can only get bigger.

Pedalling off to a Flying Start