After our ‘big ride’ a lot of people have been asking ‘what now’, and sending us  ideas by email and via our survey while some have gone ahead and launched their own plans! There seems to be a lot of support for another Pedal on Parliament next year, and we’re also working very hard on meeting with key policymakers. With the council elections now over, and coalitions being formed, it is a great time to focus on writing to your new councillors. If they have supported the manifesto and joined us on the ride, please remind them how important these issues are. If they didn’t, then tell them all about it!  While using a site like ‘write to them’ is a really excellent idea, and only takes a few minutes, we’re also putting together some nifty postcards with pictures from POP, which we hope you’ll all send – they should be available soon. And if you have other ideas about how to bring councillors on board — how about a bike week event in your area? — please let us know how we can help you publicise it!

But a key date in our diaries must be the draft Scottish government budget, which will be published in September.  If the 10% target is to be achieved by 2020, then in the next eight years great leaps must be made — at present only 1% of journeys are made by bike, and that hasn’t changed since 2008; if anything it’s gone down.  We’re convinced that financial investment and infrastructural change are essential and with that in mind, our manifesto asks for 5% of the transport budget be allocated to cycling-related investment – surely 5% is not too much to ask for the cost of 10% of journeys? However, for all the support for cycling that’s been pledged by politicians in the last few weeks, we doubt we’ll see that in the next budget. So we’ll need another big push in September to publicise this simple message: 5% for 10% – and this time we want to do it right across Scotland, not just in Edinburgh. As to how we do it, that’s in your hands. We’re asking anyone who’s interested to suggest events that they could hold in their area to get this message across. Whether you’re involved in a cycling club or a local campaign or not, through your school, employer, university or just your friends – how would you say 5 for 10 in a way that gets the whole country talking?

Please email us your suggestions so that we can get that momentum building! Hello {AT} pedalonparliament {DOT} org

Pedal on Parliament – what now?