Pedal on Parliament: a mass ride on Holyrood

Gather at the Meadows on April 28th from 2pm for a 3pm start

Pedal on Parliament will be gathering cyclists from across the nation to cycle on Holyrood to tell our politicians that cycling matters, to show our need for safer cycling and cities fit for people. Please join us and help make a Scotland fit for cycling!


In February, up to 2000 cyclists gathered in London to cycle on the Westminster Parliament in support of safer cycling and cities fit for people. On April 28th, to coincide with a follow-up ride in London, Pedal on Parliament will be gathering cyclists from across the nation to cycle on Holyrood. We’re asking everyone who cycles in Scotland – or who would like to cycle, or would like their families to cycle, but who doesn’t feel safe – to join us for a big ride of our own – and a big picnic. Young and old, keen commuter or weekend pedaller, fit or not – you don’t even need to be on a bike. You just need to show up and add your voice to help make Scotland safe for cycling.

What do we want?

We have created an eight point manifesto to help Scotland’s devolved government reach its target of 10% of journeys by bike by 2020, a target which is now also embedded in its low carbon and obesity strategies. The government’s present Cycling Action Plan [CAPS] is far too limited to achieve the target, whilst the proportion of the transport budget allocated to cycling remains wholly inadequate at under 1%. Our manifesto covers:

  1. Proper funding for cycling.
  2. Design cycling into Scotland’s roads.
  3. Slower speeds where people live, work and play
  4. Integrate cycling into local transport strategies
  5. Improved road traffic law and enforcement
  6. Reduce the risk of HGVs to cyclists and pedestrians
  7. A strategic and joined-up programme of road user training
  8. Improved statistics supporting decision-making and policy

We strongly support any initiative that can deliver improved cycling safety. It will require strong partnership working to achieve this within an acceptable timescale. We also welcome the debate involving both local and national politicians together with cycling organisations. We need action urgently.

– Lynne McNicoll, the step-mother of Andrew McNicoll who was killed on Lanark Road earlier this year.

They will be coming on the ride.

Please support their fundraising here.

Cycle as if you are in the early days of a new nation!

The main thing is to save the date – Saturday 28th April – and turn up, with or without your bike. You’ll find out more here as our plans develop.

You can now sign our petition and spread the word about your support:

We’re also asking people to write to their MSPs and local councillors and encourage them to sign up to our eight-point manifesto. If you’ve got local council elections on in your area, then tell your candidates about it. You can find out who your MSPs and councillors are through Write to them.


We’ll also need help spreading the word, and organising the event. Can you help leaflet or put posters up in your area? Could you be a volunteer marshal on the day? Could you lead a ride in from outwith Edinburgh into the Meadows for the start? Could you organise a group coming down from your town or city, with or without bikes? Could you lend someone a bike? If so, please let us know.

Email us at hello {at}
(Just change the {at} to the usual @.)

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Pedal on Parliament: a mass ride on Holyrood