Magnatom-may19With – gulp – less than 3 weeks to go until PoP it’s time to ramp up the publicity as much as possible. We’ve already had some good media coverage (did we mention that Graeme Obree was coming at all?) and on twitter and facebook – but we need to spread the net wider. Ideally we want every cyclist in Scotland (not to mention those who don’t cycle yet…) to have heard about us. And for that we need you

Here’s some ideas to help spread the word:

* bike flyering – download and print out our handlebar flyers and attach them to every bike you see. Also make sure your local bike shops, bike cafes, pubs and other places have flyers and posters – and that they haven’t run out. You can get posters to print on our resources page – or email us (hello AT pedaonparliament DOT org) to get some of our flyers
* pavement chalk – try chalking “#PoP2 May 19” on bike paths or busy commuter routes. It may just intrigue people enough to get them to take a look and a quick search on twitter should reveal all.
* coming from far away or on an unusual bike/trike/unicycle? Might you be the youngest or oldest participant at PoP? Coming dressed as a Panda? Running a feeder ride? Tell your local paper or radio station, they love stories like that.
* if you’re in a BUG (bicycle user group) or there’s one at your workplace, let them know and ask if they’ll email round their membership. Ditto your local cycling club, be they road racers or mountain bikers. Or ask if your school, employer, church, scout troupe, whatever would be willing to spread the word.
* just tell people – you can invite friends to our Facebook group and event, you can tweet about it (don’t forget the hashtag #pop2), blog about it, or you could even do it the old fashioned way and tell them in person…

Together we can make Scotland a cycle-friendly nation

Paint your town blue