Due to popular demand, we’ve created a petition to make it quicker and easier for people to register their support for Pedal on Parliament. This means that there are now loads of things you can do to help make this thing a success.

  • Follow us on twitter, join our Facebook group and invite everyone you know to the Pedal on Parliament event on Facebook.
  • Sign our petition at change.org
  • Write to your MPMSP and your local councillors urging them to pledge their support to the cause by signing the petition and/or letting us know that they support our manifesto
  • Email us to let us know if you can help – use the link or just hello {at} pedalonparliament.org changing the {at} to the usual @
  • Spread the word to everyone you know, not just your cycling pals. The whole point of Pedal on Parliament is to make riding a bike something anyone can do.
  • And – last but not least – turn up on the day, with or without your bike, and with or without several hundred of your closest pals (but preferably with)
More Ways to Get Involved