Some of you may have noticed the following letters in the Herald, including the response by Transport Minister Keith Brown, restating more or less what he said in the run up to last Saturday’s ride. Spokes’s own Dave du Feu did, and his response is published today. With Dave’s permission, we reprint the original below

Dear Editor

The letter from Transport Minister Keith Brown today in response to the debate on cycling investment says it all!

The sum of £83m is intended to sound impressive – but it is over 4 to 5 years, and covers active travel, i.e. both cycling and walking. Given that total transport spending is around £2000m every single year, Keith Brown is in fact confirming the Spokes research which shows that out of every £1 of transport spending, well under 1p is invested in cycling.

The government 3 years ago set a target that by 2020 10% of all trips in Scotland would be by bike. With only 1%-2% of trips now by bike that is a massively ambitious target – albeit a very worthy one. However, until the government restructures its transport budget to invest in cycling on a European level, it is talking rhetoric, not reality.

No wonder 3000 people turned up for ‘Pedal on Parliament’ – the largest ever demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament according to local police.

Yours Sincerely
Dave du Feu


Investment … or rhetoric?