Thanks to all of you who wrote in to support the motion laid before the council asking not only that properly designed  infrastructure should be included within the works on Leith Walk, but that it should form the start of what would be called the Sir Chris Hoy Cycle Network.

The motion was certainly ambitious,  especially given the costs that had been linked with the project, and indeed, the motion looked set to face defeat.

However, the good news is that the motion wasn’t defeated. In fact a vote never took place. Instead the motion was amended. We could be cynical here and say that the motion was watered down, however, the amended motion is still a significant step forward, helped no doubt by all your emails and letters. Here are the amendments to the motion.

1)         Accepts paragraphs 1 and 2 of Councillor Booth’s motion and amends paragraph 3 to read

“Notes the calls from Spokes, Pedal on Parliament, the Cyclists’ Touring Club and others to honour Sir Chris’ success and build a lasting legacy for cycling.”

2)         Agrees in principle that the creation of a city-wide network of safe cycling routes would boost physical activity; help to tackle rising rates of obesity; reduce traffic congestion and cut air pollution and would be a positive lasting legacy for the city.

3)         Notes however that the creation of such a network would need to overcome considerable technical and logistical challenges.

4)         Therefore agrees to remit the proposal for a Sir Chris Hoy cycle network to Transport, Infrastructure and Environment Committee who are asked to bring forward a report, prepared in close consultation with Spokes, Pedal on Parliament, Greener Leith and any other relevant stakeholders, within one cycle to examine the feasibility of a lasting legacy for cycling inEdinburgh.”

So what does this actually mean?

It means that Edinburgh has committed to look seriously at the idea of a network of safe cycle routes in Edinburgh, and will be consulting with us as well as Spokes and the CTC,. We are one step closer to making the streets ofEdinburghsafer for all.

Rest assured that POP will not stand for substandard infrastructure – but nor will we allow them to artificially inflate the cost of decent infrastructure to make it seem unaffordable. We will continue push for infrastructure that everyone will want to use and feel safe using, as we continue to push for implementation of our manifesto, not only in Edinburgh, but throughout the whole of Scotland.

Forward Motion?