Yesterday saw POP’s own Dave Brennan giving evidence on the draft budget at the Scottish Parliament’s Transport and Infrastructure Committee alongside Keith Irving of Living Streets Scotland, John Lauder of Sustrans, Ian Aitken of Cycling Scotland and Phil Noble of SCOTS.

You can watch a video of the proceedings here and read our written evidence here – but the main thing to note was just how united the cycling organisations were on the key issue. Without a step change in funding for cycling, the Scottish Government’s target of 10% of journeys by bike by 2020 will be missed. That came through loud and clear and we think the MSPs have got the message – now it’s just a question of whether the government will listen

And that’s where you come in. We’ve done what we can – it’s up to you now. The draft budget is a disappointment but it’s not yet set in stone. If you think that cycling should get at least 5% of the transport budget, in the context of 10% for active travel overall, then please write to your MSPs letting them know.

Cycling groups united at Scottish Parliament