Go on mate!Pedal on Parliament would like to congratulate Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish, Chris Froome and Scotland’s own David Millar on their successes at the Tour de France and look forward to seeing them cover themselves with further sporting glory at the Olympics next week. It seems that for a brief moment the whole country has gone bike mad and we’re sure we’ll see more bikes on the roads in the coming weeks. Most of those people taking to two wheels will feel healthier, happier, even wealthier for it and we welcome anything that gets Scotland moving more. But with the way our roads are today, for a small minority, their newfound love of cycling may end in tears, or worse.

We would urge our politicians to seize the moment and sign up to our Manifesto for safer cycling now, to make sure that everyone in Scotland gets the chance to enjoy their bike, whether they’re as fit and as fast as Brad, or just starting out on two wheels. For cycling to truly flourish away from the sporting arena we need routes that are safe, well-designed, properly funded and connected. Our sporting heroes are world class. Let’s give everyone else world class infrastructure so they can emulate them. Together we can make Scotland a cycle-friendly nation

Congratulations to All our British Riders