Work is gathering pace in POP towers for an exciting announcement later this month, but meanwhile there’s something you can do to help forward our aim to make Scotland – and beyond – safe for cycling.

20mph symbolPlease support this call for a Europe-wide default speed limit of 20mph (or 30kmh) in cities, towns and villages (local authorities would be able to make exemptions if necessary) – chiming exactly with our call for safer speeds where people live, work and play. This is a European Citizens’ Initiative – a new form of EU policy-setting, which requires over a million signatures from across the EU in the space of a year. The signature gathering process in the UK is being coordinated by 20s Plenty – and you can sign online, or print out a paper petition to gather signatures the old fashioned way. We urge everyone to support this initiative and to spread the word as widely as possible – it’s not just about cycling, it’s something that increases safety on our streets for everyone.

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Together we can make Scotland (and the whole EU!) a cycle-friendly place

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