Today is going to be a busy day for the POP team. We have been invited to give a lunch time seminar, with Cycling Scotland and SUSTRANS, discussing our manifesto and the current Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS). We at POP feel that the CAPS document is in need of significant change and will be passing that message on.

We will also be reminding those attending, which is likely to include a number of MSPs, that funding for cycle infrastructure is critical. In fact we will be emphasising the phrase, Funded, Designed, Connected. Infrastructure needs to be fully funded, properly designed and completely connected.  We’ve all experienced cycle infrastructure that fails on at least one of these standards.

After the seminar we will be handing our manifesto over to a group of cross party politicians. We will also be handing them all of the brilliant comments that you left on the petition. There are some great comments that explain why the time is right for our countries politicians to take make Scotland a Cycle Friendly Nation. You are a very eloquent bunch!

After the petition hand over we will be attending the first official meeting of the Cross Party Cycling Group (CPCG) where there will be further discussion of the CAPS document. We at POP will make sure that your voice is heard loud and clear. We have high hopes for the CPCG, and will do our best to ensure that it isn’t just a talking shop. We will also be holding politicians to their own manifestos (10% by 2020 for example) and continue to encourage them to implement ours.

To help us put pressure on the politicians we once again need your help. Alison Johnstone (Green Party) has raised a new motion asking for, among other things, for a ‘step change in funding’ for cycling. The motion can be found here. Please write to your politicians asking them to support this motion. It’s easy if you use this link.

With your help we can make Scotland a cycle friendly nation.

A Busy Day