It’s been an exciting few months in Scotland, in the lead up to the independence referendum. Regardless of which side we were on, we all had one uniting cry – that we want the best possible country for us all.  We have long believed that we all should “work as if you were in the early days of a better nation” and it’s as true now as ever before.

We mustn’t rest now! Transportation is a power we already have control over here in Scotland and now is the time for us to raise our voices and be heard!

If we truly want to bring more social justice and equal opportunity to Scotland, then active transport is one of the best ways to do it – investment in quality cycle infrastructure is proven to bring better returns than any other type transport spending. Support for cycling can improve our chronic problems of public health, especially obesity, heart disease and mental wellbeing. It also helps reduce transport poverty and improves our ability to focus in school and work. All of these are crucial elements as we work together to build a fairer, better, more democratic Scotland.

Everyone, regardless of age or physical ability, should be able to use our public thoroughfares. Cyclists, pedestrians, riders, drivers and passengers all should be able travel this beautiful country without fear for their safety.

Let us work together for safer roads for all. In the next few weeks, the Scottish government will be debating its draft budget, so please write to your MSPs – especially if they are in the government – and ask them to contact John Swinney for a commitment to increased spending on active travel – with a focus on making our roads safer for all.

A Better Nation