We are extremely grateful to everyone listed below (and the other donors who chose to stay anonymous) for supporting our successful fundraising drive in March and April 2017. Not only did they help us reach our initial target of £3000 in just over a week, they also helped us to get to our stretch target of £5000 before the funding period ended. Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed – you have helped to pedal Scotland further down the road to being a cycle-friendly country. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Our funders

MJ Gosia Cyganowska
Philipp Petrenz
Tom Quinn
David French
Rhian Davies
John Wood
Joel Cooney
Vittoria Lutje
Johnston Orr
Lewis Smith
Chris Oliver
David Clark
Steven Hope
Archie Hinchcliffe
Adrian Roberts
Barney Dellar
David Parry
Brenda Lillicrap
Steve Burgess
Gillian Brodie
Jon Turvill
Kate Lawrence
Julian Sayarer
Linda Moore
Adam Murphy
Stephen Isard
Donald Noble
Mr SD Threlfall
Elizabeth Lindsey
Hamish Robertson
Robert French
Magnus Hagdorn
Alice Lyall
Neil McManus
Matthew Ball
Craig Melville
Tom Orr
Kathleen McWhirter
Samantha Smith
Ramsay MacFarlane
Chris Walker
Sara Dorman
Brian Campbell
David Robertson
The Ranty Highwayman
Meredith Muirhead
David Taggart
Caroline Thompson-Noble
Alan McDonald
Iain Gray
Neil Lovelock
Kris Kelly
Andrew Clark
Verity Leigh
Robert Gormley
Suzanne Forup
David Key
Iona Shepherd
Terry Patterson
Kevin Henderson
Damian Currie-Mullan
Simon Christie
Henri de Ruiter
Scott Lindsay
David Lindsay
B S W Choo-Kang
David Brennan
Richard Leyton
Andy Mell
Hugh Thomas
John Wood
Philip Wadler
Daniel Pacey
James Duffield
Johnston Orr
Colin Orr
Neil Quinney
Kath Brough
Morag Garden
Isers Malone
Paul Morris
Adrian Simpson
Gareth Cheeseman
Jyll Skinner
Ewan McDowall
Andy May
Peter Ervine
Kenny Munro
Alex Robertson
Sally Hinchcliffe
John Chivall
J Donnelly
Kim Harding
Caroline Barr
Denise Marshall
Richie Smith
Joseph Heenan
Paul Wilson
David Monaghan
Andrew Lamberton
Lucy Campton
Murray Thomson
Christopher Russell
Benjamin Troth
Graeme Cook
Eilidh Troup
Magnus Hagdorn
Jon Hand
David Thompson-Noble
Eric Ingram
Thomas Heller
Ms Stella Thomson
Henry Whaley
Chris Pearson
Elizabeth Reather
Derek York
Richard James Wake
Elizabeth Reather
Jon Oates
Paul Morris
Joe Crofts
Moritz Kraft
Sophie Marion De Proce
Claire Connachan
Andrew Abbess
Eilidh Troup
Diana Farrell
Lee Morton
Gordon Carmichael
B S W Choo-Kang
Vivienne Gray
Emily Rodway
Matt Bridgestock
Sara Dorman
Bruce McAdam
Joseph Hughes
Gail Macfarlane
Louise Johnson
Grant Mason
K McCauley
Oscar MacLean
David Martin
Chris Sharp
Charlie Wood
Kevin Hickman
Ewan Jeffrey
Davie Graham
Findlay Napier
Gordon Carmichael

Thank you all!