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Saturday 27th April, 8am

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/271423567110441/


Causewayhead Road (meet at the toucan crossing outside the rugby club entrance), Stirling

Barriers to Cycling

There are 3 issues with the provision for people riding cycles on Causewayhead Road

  1. Vehicles often park in the “Mandatory Cycle Lane” despite it being mandatory that motor vehicles do not enter the Cycle Lane. The Stirling Council Cycle Lane Order 2005 was enacted on 9/5/2005 almost 14 years ago , but Police Scotland will not enforce the Cycle Lane rules because the Highway Code says “You must not drive or park in a mandatory cycle lane during it hours of operation (HC #140) Stirling Council have never put up a plate beside the Cycle Lane showing its hours of operation. We need the plate showing the hours of operation as a matter of urgency, so that Police Scotland can take action to protect people riding cycles.
  2. The Cycle Lane is Substandard width. The guidance in Transport Scotland (The Scottish Government transport department) “Cycling by Design” manual states cycle lane minimum width should be 2.0m with an absolute minimum width of 1.5m. It explains: In many cases, a narrow cycle lane can encourage close proximity overtaking by motor vehicles. Limited space alone is not a reason for providing sub-standard width cycle lanes. Alternative solutions should be sought at such locations.”
  3. Paint is not protection for people riding bikes. Drivers often let their motor vehicles drift into the Cycle Lane putting those riding cycles at risk. The cycle lane is marked by white paint, which is not a force field. This painted cycle lane needs to be upgraded to have physical protection for people riding cycles.


On Saturday 27 April 2019 at 8.00am we will be adding traffic cones to the cycle lane to provide additional protection to those riding cycles and holding up pictures of the missing plates showing the hours of operation of the cycle lane.

Stirling – Causewayhead