Event Details


Friday 26th April



Barriers to Cycling and Walking

We will be looking out for cycling and walking provision that allows for children to safely walk, cycle and scoot to two local schools and the children will highlight local infrastructure and any driver behaviour that needs improvement. Current challenges include the volume and speed of traffic, problem parking including idling engines, and junctions that are not safe to cross by children.


On the morning of 26th April Spokes Porty is going on the school run! We, along with invited guests (including local politicians), will go with a group of local children on their usual school trip to learn about their experience and how they’d like to improve it. Children will be walking, cycling and scooting to two local schools. We will help the children produce a short film which can then be used as marketing material to improve local infrastructure. We will also launch a competition for local children (details on the day) with the winner announced in Bike Week in June.

Edinburgh – Portobello