Event Details


Friday 26th April, 2:50pm


Crown Primary School, Kingsmills Road, Inverness

Barriers to Cycling

There is a lack of safe cycling routes to Crown School. The main approach to the school is via a busy 5-way junction on Kingsmills Road, which is a significant barrier to anyone who is not a confident cyclist, and there is no way to turn into the school from the road by bike, except to use the busy staff car park entrance. The pavements are also narrow and busy.


Following an afternoon of biking events for the children of Crown Primary School including Bikeability sessions and Dr Bike, we are asking parents to cycle for the school pick up (arriving at the school from 2.50). We will all leave as a group from the front gates with those comfortable with cycling on the road riding to protect the rest of the group.

Inverness – Crown Primary Cycling Day