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Friday 26th April, 8:30-9.00am

Event page – https://www.facebook.com/events/592728484533998/


Forrest Road, Edinburgh, EH1 2

Barriers to Cycling

Forrest Road has a perfect storm of simultaneous green for cyclists going straight ahead and vehicles approaching from right. The traffic signal timings bring cyclists into conflict with drivers.

Advisory cycle lane designed to provide some measure of protection during peak hours is frequently occupied by stationary vehicles. The cycle lane is unusable (~75% unavailable during peak morning hours), and drivers expect to be able to change lanes without checking as their signal was green.

Even if a driver sees the cyclist, they feel entitled to “punish” the cyclist for “jumping the light” – despite the simultaneous green!

Conflict is built in, and compounded by the illegal occupation of the cycle lane by drivers.


Help form a human protected cycle lane to highlight the need for real protection. Note 0830-0900 BST


Edinburgh – Forrest Road