Over a thousand cyclists converged on Glasgow for the Global Day of Action on Climate Justice, as Pedal on COP and our ‘This Machine Fights Climate Change’ slogan went global! Thank you to everyone who helped organise, spread the word, and — most importantly — turned up on the day to join us.

Marchers with bicycles fill the street
The Cycling and Sustainable Transport bloc at the Global Day of Action in Glasgow, Nov 6th. Photo (c) Andy Catlin.

Twenty-one different feeder rides defied headwinds and sheeting rain to deliver cyclists from as far afield as Aberdeen, Inverness and Dumfries, and from all corners of Glasgow. The numbers turning out for almost every ride defied organisers’ expectations, with Kelvin Way filling with bikes of all shapes and sizes as we assembled ready for the march. This was a day that was too important for people to be put off by a little inclement weather.

Small boy leading a group of cyclists up the Bears Way
Little legs can make a big difference: the East Dunbarton feeder ride is led by one of our youngest participants. Photo: David Brennan

World leaders at the summit may be ignoring the role of cycling and sustainable transport in fighting climate change but, as we joined the biggest demonstration this century on the streets of Glasgow, we sent a message that was surely too loud to be ignored: these machines fight climate change!

We’re still processing all the great posts, photos and videos from the day – including Pedal On COP rides in Kampala, Kuala Lumpur and Canada – but here’s a quick round up of some of the photos to give a real flavour of the event.

polar bear pedalling a cargo bike
We even had a pedalling polarbear! Photo: Iona Shepherd
March with 'this machine fights climate change' banner
Banners at the front of the march. Photo: Andy Catlin
Cyclists gathered for the march at Kelvingrove Park
Gathering at the start of the march. Photo: Yorkhill And Kelvingrove Development Trust
Panda with bike
As well as a polar bear, we also were graced with the presence of Earley the Panda, who had ridden over from Edinburgh that morning. Photo: Iona Shepherd
group of cyclists at Kelvin Way
The weather did not dampen people’s spirits. Photo: Iona Shepherd
Crowd of marchers with banners
It was hard to get a sense of the scale of the march but we filled the streets. Photo: Andy Catlin
Crowds of cyclists ahead during the march
The view from towards the back … Photo: Daniel Postma
Two signs at the march
The weather wasn’t kind to cardboard signs but we got these for posterity before they turned into mulch. Photo: Iona Shepherd
cyclists on their way from Edinburgh
The Edinburgh ride took over streets normally dominated by cars. Photo: Beqi on Flickr
School group shot at Penpont primary school
The Cycling Dumfries Feeder ride stop by Penpont Primary to share their climate message. Photo: James Craig
Children cycling past hills and a loch
The Comrie Croft feeder ride pedal the last 30 miles home on Sunday. Photo: Emily Greaves
We Pedalled on COP to take our climate message to the world