If you’ve been paying close attention to the website, you’ll have noticed that we’ve slightly modified our information about the date of the POP2 ride – rather than the 18th May, we are now saying that it will take place on the weekend of the 18th May. Please bear with us – we should be making a further announcement extremely soon but we can’t quite confirm the date just yet.

The reason is that, although POP is a protest, it’s very much a family one: if kids can’t safely ride their bikes in Scotland then we’ll never be a cycle-friendly nation, so it’s their protest as much as anyone’s. Protests don’t have to be confrontational – and we’re working hard to make sure that we get the same carnival atmosphere that we enjoyed last year. We also don’t want to disrupt the good people of Edinburgh any more than we can possibly help so we’re working closely with the police, the council and representatives from the bus companies to keep the disruption to a minimum. The benefit of this approach is that we should be able to ride this year on completely closed roads – eliminating any risk from an impatient driver. The downside is we probably won’t be able to hold it on the original day we planned, the 18th, but on the Sunday instead.

We’re disappointed at having to consider changing at this late stage – but that’s the way the world goes, and it should mean that we can keep the fantastic route we had last year, right through the historic heart of Edinburgh. We’ll be keeping you informed as soon as we know more but for now please watch this space – or sign up for our email updates – and as soon as we know, you will know

Together we can make Scotland a cycle-friendly nation.

Watch this Space