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ready for the off? ©Ros Gasson, Photography Scotland
This is not our new poster ... just a reminder of some of the great old designs we've had in the past
This is not our new poster … just a reminder of some of the great designs we’ve had in the past to whet your appetite

Today marks 100 days before the fifth Pedal on Parliament – and although we’ve been quiet on the site, things are starting to take shape behind the scenes (including a fantastic new poster/t-shirt design which is going to be an absolute cracker …).

This year is going to be a crucial year for cycling and active travel – it’s the Holyrood elections, which means we will be electing a new Scottish government. Transport and cycling are devolved matters – and while the current government has ended up spending record amounts in the last two years on cycling and walking, it always feels as if they’re doing it more because of the political pressure that events like POP bring to bear than out of any real understanding that investing in cycling will actually achieve their own stated goals.

Another one of our classic poster designs...
Another one of our classic poster designs…

Election times are the perfect opportunity to get the attention of our political parties. We need to let our politicians – of ALL parties – know that investing in cycling is important not just to the few people who currently cycle, or even the many more who would like to if they could, but to the whole of Scotland. That’s why this year we’ll be joining forces with We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote and all the other active travel organisations that they will be representing during the election campaign. And that’s why we need a mega turnout for POP this year.

If you’re planning on coming to POP, then you can let us know here (or here) (you don’t have to, but it helps keep our blood pressure down to see the numbers climbing upwards). We always need volunteers – to help hand out flyers, to run feeder rides, to marshall, and to generally spread the word – so if you can help then email us on hello AT PedalonParliament DOT org. We also need all of you to talk to your candidates during the election and find out what their position is on our manifesto. But more than anything, we need you to turn out on the day – you and everyone you know.

Together, we can make Scotland a cycle-friendly country

The countdown begins