Our Space For Distancing campaign launched yesterday with an avalanche of online support coming in from all around Scotland. We’ve had folk tweeting support to their local councils with loads of ideas of places where #SpaceForDistancing can be easily and effectively implemented.

We can’t feature all of your tweets, and we’ve also had suggestions come in on facebook and instagram, but here is a flavour of some of the amazing suggestions we’ve had so far. Thank you everyone for contributing. We will be continuing this campaign all weekend if you have more ideas.

We think that Josephine was the first off the mark with this nice ‘lockdown angle’…

One common theme was how much space there really was for #SpaceForDistancing now that the cars are temporarily gone…

… Sooo much space…

(indeed @thomzwa  has been looking at how we might use it better)

… except on the pavements which is where we really need the #SpaceForDistancing.

Time to start mapping those?

And what’s even worse is then the narrow pavements are fenced off ‘for safety’ – creating a public health hazard instead #SpaceForDistancing.

And how are you meant to stay two metres apart in a crossing like this? 

Or this?

There were some great examples from @OnBikes of where #SpaceForDistancing is needed in Glasgow’s East End where car ownership is low and health outcomes already an issue.

You might remember that @OnBikes did a fantastic guest blog post for us on the need for cycle lanes in the more deprived parts of Glasgow  even before #Coronavirus struck:

Tackling inequality: Popping up in the East of Glasgow

and others raised the social justice aspect of #SpaceForDistancing too.

As well as the importance of  considering children’s needs.

Like simply being able to walk to the park.

We’ve had tweets from far and wide – like Aberdeen.

And Dundee wants #SpaceForDistancing too.

Outside the city centres there were calls for #SpaceForDistancing from East Renfrewshire.

And of course Bears Way…

We’ve had great support from other cycle campaigns – this has been a collaborative effort with tweets from @GoBikeGlasgow (as well as those from @aberdeenCF and @dundeecycling already listed).

At @SpokesLothian they’re not just tweeting, they’re writing letters (do please get in touch with your MSPs if you want #SpaceForDistancing).

And you can also get involved through @WeAreCyclingUK‘s #SpaceForDistancing campaign nationally (but also in Scotland).

It was fun to see folk getting creative with the graphics … even doing their own.

Or going for the ‘Angry People in Local Newspapers’ stance – always a classic…

If this has inspired you then you can get hold of the graphic overlays here – and have a bit of fun – but please, stay safe, don’t go out specially and keep it positive! We look forward to your tweets this weekend!

#SpaceForDistancing – First Day Round Up