Order of events – 28th April 2018

  • 11:00 am Cyclists and marchers start gathering in Middle Meadows Walk. Enjoy the atmosphere and wave to the cameras! Please keep off the pedestrian side of the path to let folk past
  • 12:00 pm Ring your bell, clap your hands and make some noise! The ride begins – but may be slow setting off. Please pay attention to any instructions and keep ringing your bells and smile!
  • 12:20 pm The first riders reach the Scottish Parliament. Please stay here as long as you can to let the full effect of the crowd be felt.
  • 12:45 pm A minute’s silence to remember those who have fallen whilst riding a bike.
  • 12:50 pm Speeches begin. A chance to hear what our politicians have to say, and some words from people affected in various ways by our current roads. Please be polite and let your signs do the talking if you wish to make a point.
  • 1:15 pm Speeches end – One more chance to make some noise!
  • 1:30 pm Guided rides back to the Meadows for those who need them – listen out for instructions

What to bring

All you really need to bring is yourself (oh and every single person you know) – you don’t even need a bike, as the ‘ride’ will be at walking pace. However, here are some suggestions of things that might help on the day.

  • Some tough questions for your political representatives. There will be politicians there you can raise any issues with directly.
  • A bell. We’ll be having a minute’s silence to remember everyone who’s died on the roads, which will then end with a mass ringing of bike bells, so make sure you have one to ring
  • A folding bike if you have one if you’re coming by train or coach. As we all know, space on trains for full-sized bikes is sadly limited. So if you’ve got a folding bike you can use – or if you can borrow a bike in Edinburgh – then please do, and leave space for someone else on the train. And remember, you don’t need a bike
  • Money for your POP t-shirt – Pedal on Parliament is a shoe string operation, and we are largely funded by t-shirt sales.
  • A placard or sign – let people know what it’s all about! Also balloons, flags, pennants, or anything else to make the day more colourful and help to celebrate cycling as well as ask for better conditions on the roads
  • Your kids (if you have some) – POP is a family-friendly event so don’t worry about bringing your family along

Please act as an ambassador for cycling on the day, and take your litter home…