The Aberdeen Cycle Forum are once more organising a Pedal on Parliament in Aberdeen – this year it will be held on Sunday 29th April meeting at Rubislaw Terrace Gardens at 11 am.

Union Street visualisation

Union Street as it could be – can you help make it a reality?

Aberdeen City Council wants to make Aberdeen a cycling city but they have given as much space as possible to motor vehicles, making the roads dangerous for everyone else. The biggest factor in a person’s decision to ride a bike or not is whether they have safe spaces to cycle in. If Aberdeen City Council wants a cycling city then we need segregated bike paths.

Pedal on Parliament is our chance to show local politicians that we, the voting public, want segregated bike paths in Aberdeen. We’re meeting at Rubislaw Terrace Gardens on Albyn Place at 11am on Sunday 29th April (for those wanting a slightly longer ride, meet at Hazlehead Park at 10:45 am). We’ll cycle along Albyn Place, then along Union Street and finish up at The Town House on Broad Street. There will be speeches from Caitlin Cottrill from the University of Aberdeen on the benefits of active travel and Alison Stuart from Aberdeen Climate Action will talk about the environmental benefits.

Aberdeen route map

The route of the 2018 Aberdeen POP

People of all ages and abilities are welcome! We want to make it a fun event so please come in fancy dress or decorate your bike. In particular we want to encourage people who do not feel safe cycling in Aberdeen – children, women, the elderly, and people with disabilities – to show the Aberdeen city council that cycling should be inclusive.

For those who use it, there’s a Facebook event – sign up to let us know you’ll be there and invite your friends to join you to help spread the word.

We will likely have three feeder routes for people who want a longer ride. These will start from Hazlehead Park, Westhill, and Dyce. Stay tuned for more information – but meanwhile there is already an overnight ride planned from Edinburgh for the really committed!

POP crowd at Aberdeen

POP Crowd at Aberdeen – Henri de Ruiter on Flickr