As you may be aware, Scottish Labour are currently choosing their new leader. We’re asking all the leadership and deputy leadership candidates where they stand on bringing about mass cycling to Scotland. We’re specifically asking for policies, not warm words of support. We’ll let you know how they respond.

The candidates are

Leader: Jim Murphy MP, Neil Findlay MSP (who signed a motion in support of the first Pedal on Parliament, Sarah Boyack MSP (who has attended all three POPs)
Deputy Leader: Katy Clark MP, Kezia Dugdale MSP (who started cycling again after attending POP on a tandem – and has already expressed support for the POP manifesto)

Our question is

“please would you let us know where you stand on our eight manifesto points, and what your policies would be to bring about ‘8-80’ cycling in Scotland if you were First Minister, in particular regarding investing in cycling”

Our manifesto points are (you can read the full manifesto here):
1. Proper funding for cycling, with a high and rising share of the transport budget committed to cycling nationally, and locally, aiming for a minimum of 5% of the transport budget to go to cycling, within an overall share of 10% for active travel.

2. Design cycling into all of Scotland’s roads and junctions, with improved and strengthened national design guidelines in line with best practice internationally, and in particular drawing on the experience of the Netherlands.

3. Safer speeds where people live, work and play, with 20mph the norm in residential areas and 40mph on unclassified rural roads

4. Build increased cycling into local transport strategies, giving local authorities clear targets to increase cycling in their areas in line with the national target of 10% of journeys to be by bike by 2020

5. Improved road traffic law and enforcement, with a proper investigation into the introduction of ‘strict liability’ (sometimes known as presumed liability) for civil cases and strict enforcement of parking on pavements and bike lanes.

6. A comprehensive package to eliminate the risk of HGVs to cyclists and pedestrians, from requiring better training, mirrors, sensors and warnings to limiting movements of large freight vehicles during peak times.

7. A strategic and properly funded programme of road user training, with cycling part of the school curriculum, training offered to adults, and bike training made part of the requirements for licensing professional drivers

8. Solid research and statistics on cycling with comprehensive cycle counts (including off road facilities) and more public counters of cycle numbers

We’ll let you know how they respond…


Reply from Sarah Boyack MSP

Reply from Neil Findlay MSP

Reply from Kezia Dugdale MSP

Our question for the Scottish Labour leadership candidates