Updated memorial to all the cyclists killed on Scotland's roads in the last five years
Updated memorial to all the cyclists killed on Scotland’s roads in the last five years

Last week, Lynne McNicoll wrote a powerful and very personal account of the day her stepson Andrew McNicoll was killed riding his bike to work in Edinburgh. She didn’t want Andrew to remain just a name on a police file, or a statistic. We’re sharing it now because yesterday another family in Scotland were going through the same thing, as another cyclist was killed on the A91 in Fife. After the death of Dr Stephen Churcher in Roslin last week, Ally Speed was the 11th cyclist to be killed this year, making 2013 the deadliest year for cycling in Scotland for some time. That’s 11 families left bereaved, 11 lives snuffed out.

Edinburgh cyclists have already updated the informal memorial that was put up in July, when the toll had reached eight. We thought then that the toll was already too high. There are still four more months of this year to go – how many more families will have to go through what the McNicolls went through before we start to see some changes? It doesn’t have to be this way. Road deaths are not inevitable. The Scottish Government has made great strides in bringing down the toll for motorists and passengers. It’s time it acted now to protect the most vulnerable on our roads.
Let’s hope these names are the last.
Alastair Dudgeon, 51, Kincardine (A985) 6th January
Alistair MacBean, 74, Inverness (A82) 22nd January
Charles Aimer, 42, Errol (A90) 17th March
Craig Tetshill, 21, Gorthleck (unclassified road) 16th May
Kyle Allan, 8, Aberdeen (Great Northern Road) 21st May
David Wallace, 52, Perth (West Mains Avenue) 12th June
Douglas Brown, 79, West Lothian (B9080), 11th July
Connor Shields, 14, Ellon (A975), 17th July
Mary Brook, 59, Drumnadrochit (A831), 22nd July
Stephen Churcher, 46, Roslin Glen (B7003), 30th August
Alistair (Ally) Speed, Fife (A91), 5th September
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