Scotland is not yet a particularly cycle-friendly country, so we want to make getting to our start point on Chambers Street in Edinburgh as simple as possible. The main options are joining a feeder ride or coming by train.

Feeder Rides

Feeder rides are rides organised to arrive at the start point by 1pm. In the past, numbers on some feeder rides have reached into the 100s. They aren’t organised directly by Pedal on Parliament, but by some of our most dedicated supporters (both organisations and individuals).

Riding in a group can feel much safer than riding on your own on our roads and feeder rides also give you a good opportunity to meet other local people who care about safe cycling and have a chat. Who knows, you might end up starting your own local cycle campaign by the time you get to Chambers Street!

As we don’t organise the feeder rides directly, they all operate a bit differently. Some are more explicitly family-friendly than others. In general, the further the distance, the more they might attract more ‘serious cyclists’. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with organisers to check the pace they’ll be aiming for and whether there are good locations to  stop early and jump on the train if you need to.

Keep checking this page for details as we’ll be adding to it as soon as we have final details of the rides. Want to organise your own feeder ride? See this page for more information and let us know your plans via email ( or social media.

Feeder Rides From Edinburgh

Edinburgh rides tend to be the most family-friendly, since distances  involved are relatively short. We’re hoping to have feeder rides from all over the city confirmed over the next few weeks.

So far, the is the list of confirmed rides:

  • Colinton / SW Edinburgh Feeder Ride – A family-friendly ride, meeting at the WoL Entrance to Spylaw Park at 11:30am (Facebook Event)
  • Corstorphine Feeder Ride – Leaving Gyle Park at 11:30am, with a second pick-up point at  St Margarets Park. (Facebook Group | Facebook Event)
  • Harrison Park Feeder Ride – A family-friendly feeder ride from Harrison Park via The Meadows to Chambers Street, departing at 12:15pm. (Facebook Event)
  • Leith Feeder Ride – A family-friendly, sociable cycle from Leith Links. Meet Outside the Cricket Club at 10:45am for an 11am start.  (Twitter | Facebook Event)
  • Portobello Feeder Ride – A family-friendly event, meet at the Community Garden on Porty Prom at 10:45am for a 11:am departure, organised by Spokes Porty (More Info)

Feeder Rides From The Rest of Scotland

Pedal on Parliament is a Scotland-wide campaign, and we want to encourage people from all over the country to join us. We chose a later start time of 1pm this year to encourage people to cycle from further afield (without having to set off too early).

We have local groups and individuals interested in organising rides from a number of places. Confirmed rides so far:

  • Dumfries Feeder Ride – a two-day ride organised by Cycling Dumfries. Check out their blog and get in touch with them if you are interested in joining.
  • Dunbar Feeder Ride – organised by Dunbar Cycling Group, leaving Shore Road Car Park at 9:30am. See this Facebook Event for more information.
  • Glasgow Feeder Ride – organised by CTC Glasgow, leaving George Square at 7:15am. The average riding speed will be around 11-12mph. All the information is on this Meetup Event.


Alternatively, you can take the train to Waverley station. It’s about 1km from the station to the start point – a 5-minute cycle on some main roads with limited cycle provision or a 10-minute walk if you feel more comfortable.

Lots of people will hopefully be coming to PoP, so use a folding bike if you can! If  that’s not an option, check out ScotRail’s page on bringing bikes on trains. Cycle space on trains is fairly limited and so aim to come fairly early if possible and be prepared to queue and be patient. Similarly, on the way back, it might make sense to grab some food or a coffee before heading to the station so everyone isn’t there at once and you don’t have too long a wait.

It’s also worth noting that it’s absolutely OK to come without a bike and walk or wheel the route with us. If getting you and your bike to our start point just doesn’t seem feasible, then this is definitely an option!