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Sunday 28th April, 10-11am

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/328305161169974/


Westland Drive, Scotstoun, Glasgow, G14 see map

Barriers to Cycling

I am staging a mini protest on Westland Drive to encourage Glasgow City Council to seriously consider introducing a pelican/zebra crossing at Westland Drive between the entrance to Victoria Park and Victoria Park nature walk. As a father of three young children we use this crossing every week and it can be terrifying trying to control young children who are on bikes/scooters and desperate to be in the park at this busy and confusing junction.

The pedestrian refuge in the middle of the road is far too small to safely accommodate a family or children with bikes/scooters mums with prams.

A map of this junction can be found here.


We would like to see a zebra crossing at this junction and potentially a complete re-think of the whole layout that prioritising people over cars/vehicles #RoadSafety.

If you have time please come along dressed as a superhero (because you need to be a superhero to cross this junction) or perhaps come with a “we want a zebra crossing” or “so hard to cross” type placard.

With significant traffic coming to and from Scotstoun Stadium (Glasgow Warriors home ground) and Scotstoun Leisure Centre, a serious re-think of the entire junction is needed. Glasgow Eco Trust have suggested a layout above.
Glasgow – Scotstoun