We have received an email from a young correspondent that we liked so much that we reproduce it here in its entirety (with permission) as we think it speaks for itself:

My name is Alexander and I am 10 years old.  I live in the countryside and the roads around my home are single track with passing places.  I would like something to slow cars down because when I go on my bike and I hear cars coming they don’t slow down even though there is not much room.  I usually stop and get off my bike and stand on the grass verge but they still don’t slow down.  Cars sometimes slow down for a horse, I think it is because the horse is higher up and they think it is more important to slow down.  The only thing they slow down for and even stop for is another car.  I think they are more worried about their car getting crashed.  Our road has become worse with sat navs because people who do not know the area use our road as a short cut.  They seem to go faster (local people will wave as they go past) because even though the sat navs say it is shorter it takes longer as the road is narrow, hilly, big bends and has farm traffic.  Big coaches came last year, they damage the trees and tear up the verge trying to squeeze through.
I don’t think a speed camera would work as it would ruin the view and possibly get squished by the tractor.  I would like a big sign at either end of the road telling drivers to slow down for children, bikes, horses and walkers with dogs, plus if your sat nav tells you to come this way because it is shorter, NO IT ISN’T!
I hope to come up to Edinburgh this April with my big brother and ride with you.


We look forward to meeting young Alexander and his family and we hope that he – and all the children of Scotland – get a cycle-friendly environment to ride their bikes in. 

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