POP t-shirt
POP t-shirt design. What all the cool kids will be wearing this summer

Wear your support for PoP with pride – now is your chance to help our fundraising AND get a limited edition stylish PoP t-shirt. They are based on our latest poster design and will come on light blue cotton t-shirts for the reasonable price of £12 each for adults and £10 for kids.  We’ll have a stand in the Meadow (near the front of the queue on the left hand side) for you to pick them up and pay for them on the day.  We’ll be there until the last person leaves and then set up at near the Parliament entrance at Holyrood.  Posting them is available but after the event for £2 extra.

There will be some t-shirts available to buy on the day but once they’ve gone, they’re gone.

PoP is run on a shoestring budget by volunteers, but there are a few items that we need to cover, such as hiring the PA system for Holyrood, and flyers, posters & flags. These t-shirt sales will will really help us make the day a big success.

So, please let us know what you’d like, and relax knowing that you will soon be wearing this season’s must-have fashion item

Pre-orders now closed

Those who have ordered t-shirts can collect them on the day from Henry, who will be to the left hand side of the five way junction in Middle Meadow Walk.


2015 T-Shirts: Preorder now