smaller version of the POP poster

POP 2016 – 12 noon on Saturday 23rd April – will be the fifth of our mass bike rides on Holyrood (and not just a bike ride – you can always Pedestrian on Parliament) – and this year will be particularly important because it’s the Holyrood elections. This year we’re joining forces with We Walk, We Cycle We Vote and many other active travel organisations to present a united front to our politicians and to put active travel on the agenda for the next five years in Scotland (you can find out more about We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote here)

Although we’re making a serious point about making cycling safer and easier, the day itself will be light-hearted. The pace will be slow and easy for people to keep up – however little their legs may be. It will be non-confrontational and we will be co-operating fully with the police and the council and all the relevant authorities. We’ve arranged that the roads will be closed during the ride itself. We’ll do our best to make sure that the good folk of Edinburgh can go about their normal Saturday business (although we’d be delighted if they chose to join us instead) so we won’t be blocking roads or holding anyone up any more than we have to to be safe.

The ride will start at 12 noon from the Meadows, with feeder rides coming in from all across Scotland. The route will be the same as the last four PoPs, including the iconic Royal Mile, and ending – as you might expect – at the parliament building at Holyrood.