We’re asking Scotland’s politicians – of all parties and all levels – to sign up to our eight point manifesto and join us on the ride.

As they come in, we’ll be adding them to this page so you can see if your MP, MSP, councillor or council candidate is on board – and congratulate them if so, or write to ask them to join us if not. You can also see all the politicians attending the 2014 ride here

Please note this page was first created for the first Pedal on Parliament, so some of these responses may be out of date. If a week is a long time in politics, several years is an eon…

If you’ve received a response from a politician (and they’re happy to be quoted) let us know at hello {at} pedalonparliament.org or ask them to email us directly, preferably from their ‘official’ email account with their response.

Responses to date (in alphabetical order by surname):

Claudia Beamish Shadow Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, Labour MSP for South Scotland

I am delighted to support the Pedal on Parliament event and the wider campaign and was glad to be able to mention it in the Parliamentary Debate which was recently held on the issue of cycling.

In my speech then, I called for a wholesale change in the way we respond to cycling issues, so as to develop a cycling culture in Scotland such as there is in continental Europe.

A step change is necessary if we are to do this – The 2008 Scottish Household Survey Travel Diary showed that only 1% of journeys was completed by bicycle and the 2010 Survey showed no change at all – still only 1% of journeys was completed by bicycle.

I am fond of the Albert Einstein quote – “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”. On this issue, we too must keep moving forward to ensure our infrastructure is fit for the cycling renaissance that is surely just around the corner. Rural cycling matters too and I will continue to highlight this issue!

Marco Biagi, SNP MSP for Edinburgh Central

The Pedal on Parliament manifesto is a set of practical and helpful proposals that set out very clearly the action that must be taken at all levels if cycling is to grow and flourish in Scotland.

Sarah Boyack, Labour regional MSP for Lothian

 I was glad to be in the Chamber yesterday for the debate focusing on safety, an issue I am very well aware of in my own bike journeys through the city and I will certainly try to make it along to some part of the Pedal on Parliament event next month – although I already have diary commitments for that day.

Update: Sarah Boyack also provided this statement during the Labour leadership election

Gavin Brown, Conservative regional MSP for Lothian

Thank you for your email regarding the Pedal on Parliament event being held on Saturday 28th April. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend as the time coincides with a family commitment.

Thank you for taking the time to email me to highlight this event and I hope the day will be a huge success.

Steve Burgess, Green Councillor for Southside / Newington in Edinburgh

Thanks for the invite. I was at the recent cycle lobby of the Scottish Executive and I will certainly be at the Pedal on Parliament.

Andrew Burns, Leader, Labour Group, Edinburgh Council

I am wholly supportive of the PoP Manifesto and have signed the petition today. I know our Transport Spokesperson, Lesley Hinds, has done likewise… And apoliogies again that I won’t be able to get along to the ride itself … hope it all goes well

Gavin Corbett, Green candidate for Fountainbridge / Craiglockhart ward

 I hope everyone with a bike will be taking part in the Pedal on Parliament on 28 April. If you cannot make it sign the petition at www.pedalonparliament.org

Kezia Dugdale, Scottish Labour regional MSP for Lothian

I fully support the Pedal on Parliament manifesto and look forward to working to make its contents a reality.

Update: Kezia also provided this statement during the Labour leadership election

Jim Eadie, SNP MSP for Edinburgh Southern

I am certainly supportive of the aims of “Pedal on Parliament”. I signed the motion tabled in the Parliament by my colleague Alison Johnstone MSP and I will also sign up to the petition. I also intend to be there for the event on Saturday 28th April.

Neil Findlay, Scottish Labour regional MSP for Lothian

very happy to support your manifesto. I don’t get a chance to get on my bike as often these days but when I do I want to know that I am safe and can enjoy good quality facilities that support cyclists. Keep up the good work.

Update: Neil also provided this statement during the Labour leadership election.

Alison Johnstone, Green MSP for Lothian and Green Councillor for Meadows/Morningside ward in Edinburgh

I strongly support the Pedal on Parliament event. We need a much louder voice for cycling in Scottish politics as all too often we are missing opportunities to make our streets safer and less congested.

I’ve called for a rethink around road design and we need to look carefully at urban speed limits. If we are going to meet the ambition of 10% of journeys in Scotland by bike, then clearly the government is going to have to spend a lot more than 1% of the transport budget.

John Lamont, Conservative MSP Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire

I would love to have joined you [for Pedal on Parliament], as I am supportive of your aims. Unfortunately I have a prior appointment in my constituency on Saturday.

Mark LazarowiczMP for Edinburgh North and Leith

I look forward to taking part in Pedal on Parliament 2014 as in previous years, and I am sure there will be an even bigger turn out this year. Pedal on Parliament has already succeeded in getting a higher political profile for cycling in Scotland, and changes in government policy.

However, as a regular cyclist in Edinburgh myself, I know that although there have been significant improvements in recent years, much more needs to be done and I am sure today’s event will emphasise the need for further action, and spending, at both local and national level.

Cathy McInnes, Liberal Democrat Councillor for West Kirkintilloch / Torrance in East Dumbartonshire

Thank you for taking time to contact me and to send me your manifesto. I totally agree with this and would be happy to support your aims

Gordon Mackenzie Liberal Democrat Councillor for Southside/Newington Ward in Edinburgh

I have signed up to the POP manifesto on behalf of the City Council Lib Dem councillors.

I am coming to PoP on April 28.

Ian MurrayLabour MP for Edinburgh South

 I’ve signed the petition and will bring my bike along.

Ian Perry, Labour councillor for Southside / Newington in Edinburgh

I would love to join you but unfortunately my cycling days are over due to my disability. I do however wish you all the best on the day

Willie Rennie MSP, the Scottish Liberal Democrats leader

Encouraging people to get on their bike is a great way to get Scots healthy and cut carbon emissions too.

“In Glasgow last year, Liberal Democrats backed new measures to make our roads safer for cyclists and get more people cycling more often.

“It is vital that we do what we can to help get more cyclists on the road safely and move towards a cycle-friendly Scotland. I am pleased to support Pedal on Parliament 2014.”

Michael Shanks, Labour candidate for Partick West Ward, Glasgow

I just wanted to get in touch to put my support on record for your campaign, your manifesto and generally the campaign to make cycling safer, more accessible and, particularly in urban areas, a priority whenever infrastructure projects are considered.

I am currently the Labour candidate in the Partick West Ward in Glasgow. Partick West has a number of cyclists – both commuters and leisure cyclists and many tell me of the difficulties they face in Glasgow. I would hope to ensure that the Council considers active travel – not as an afterthought – but as a key part in any planning process.
I have signed your petition and hope to make it along to the Pedal on Parliament event on the 28th, although with the election so close I might be just too busy!

Ken Web, Liberal Democrat candidate, Borders Council

I have signed the petition. I don’t cycle these days because of problems with my right eye that makes it difficult to see cars coming behind me when I look back. But I support cycling and would do more if I could do so safely.